Social and Environmental Responsibility

Helix Systems, in partnership with human-I-T, provides access to computers, accessible internet, free or low-cost IT services for nonprofits, and digital literacy training for people in need.

When you partner with Helix Systems, you are helping the environment and the community

When you upgrade your hardware with us, there’s a high probability that your old devices can be refurbished and donated those who need it.

Our Impact

As of June 2020, Helix Systems has:

Our Partnership with human-I-T

Helix Systems has partnered with human-I-T to dispose of technology responsibly. human-I-T was formed in 2012 to address social and environmental issues.

human-I-T’s team repairs donated technology that normally would be relegated to a landfill. A socially responsible company, human-I-T strives to lead the charge to closing the digital divide by giving those in need electronics free of charge.

human-I-T is able to provide those in need with broadband access to online essentials such as school assignments, job opportunities, free online learning courses, and other local programs of value to our recipients.