If you are running Apple desktops and servers in your environment then you know that you need a support partner who understands this platform and its unique needs. We manage hundreds of OS X and iOS devices for our current customers.


Meraki, now a part of Cisco, is a leader in wireless, switching and security products for the SMB markets with advanced features, low acquisition cost, great support and centralized management second to none. Helix Systems implements Meraki hardware to deliver networking solutions that leverage cloud management to increase visibility and lower cost of ownership.


Drobo equipment ranges from small desktop USB or Thunderbolt storage to 48TB iSCSI SAN. Drobo devices excel at being attractive, easy to use storage with the features most useful to a small or medium sized businesses.


Helix Systems is a Microsoft partner and has extensive experience in engineering and supporting the complete Windows ecosystem including desktops, servers and support infrastructure. With strong production support stretching back to the Windows NT 4 platform and ranging to the current Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 platforms Helix Systems knows Microsoft.

Office 365

Microsoft’s hosted email and productivity suite, Office 365, brings the power of the Microsoft Exchange, Lync and SharePoint ecosystems to the cloud in an affordable, easy to manage, easy to acquire package and Helix Systems is your partner for gaining access to this new platform. Office 365 is simply the most cost effective way to use Microsoft Exchange.

google apps

Google Apps is a cloud based platform that provides several Google products under a custom domain name. It features several Web applications with similar functionality to traditional office suites, including Gmail, Google Groups, Google Calendar, Talk, Docs and Sites. Helix Systems has successfully migrated many organizations to this power platform.


Kaseya provides a single framework for implementing IT policies, procedures and systems management across highly distributed collections of computers, servers, workstations, laptops or mobile devices. Helix Systems is a certified Kaseya administrator, using it daily to manage thousands of endpoints around the world.


Spiceworks is a leading network management and helpdesk / ticketing system, Helix Systems offers complete support for this product.


Netgear has long created networking products designed for the small business market and they continue today to shine in this arena. Helix Systems has partnered with Netgear to deliver network and security solutions.


Helix Systems is a Dell Premier Partner, providing our clients with the most competitive pricing on Dell hardware. Our engineers work with Dell hardware daily.


Sonicwall provides firewalls and security appliances for small and medium sized organizations. Our engineers are experts in configuring and managing Sonicwall appliances.


Helix Systems is an AppAssure authorized reseller. AppAssure is our go-to back solution due to its functionality and high performance. Our engineers maintain this solution on hundreds of servers for our clients.

Terminal Works

TSScan by Terminal Works allows users to safely and securely scan single and multi-page documents from a local workstation directly to their organization's terminal server. With terminal server environments on the rise, TSScan is at the top of it's class when it comes to remote desktop scanning. We've put it to the test - and we are proud to say that this is a MUST for healthcare providers and companies alike!

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